Hi Swim Team Parents:

    Our Marlin swimmers pulled off a great win against Spaulding Lakes with a score of 485 – 218!!!!

    THANK YOU to everyone for your help the last few weeks. Our team would not be able to have swim meets without the help of our parents so Ann Marie and I cannot thank you enough.

    However, now that the first two swim meets have been completed, there are few items that need to be addressed in order to make the remaining swim meets a success.

    PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY, as it will help our swim meets run more efficiently, as well as allow our swimmers to perform better and feel more prepared (especially the younger the swimmers).

    • 1.First off, we will be implementing a new system for RSVPing your children at upcoming meets to help ensure the coaches have enough time to prepare an Events Sheet before submitting to (as required) the other team for review. You MUST respond that your child is attending/not attending in Swimtopia by Friday, midnight leading up to the scheduled swim meet. Ann Marie and I will send one reminder to those “undeclared” every Thursday. If at that time you do not RSVP by Friday at midnight, we will assume you are not swimming, and your child WILL NOT be able to swim at the upcoming meet. We will not be able to make exceptions as this causes a lot of confusion on both volunteers and coaches at the last minute. By doing this, we should be able to have Event Sheets the morning of the swim meet, as is required by ASA rules.
    • 2.Following this new system mentioned above, if you do RSVP that your children are attending the meet, they must stay until the end of their swim events before leaving to go home. We were issued a formal warning by ASA that yesterday’s meet had a noticeable amount of last-minute changes before some of the events while the swim meet was taking place. This is technically not allowed.
    • 3.Please do not contact the coaches with regards to RSVPing. Only use Swimtopia to RSVP. If for some reason, your child is unable to swim at the last minute to being sick/emergency, please email swimteam@millglen.org or text either Julie (865-567-7378) or Ann Marie (404-808-0591) to let us know you cannot attend.
    • 4.As mentioned, without our parent volunteers, we could not have in person swim meets and we so appreciate all the help. However, it is necessary to provide a reminder…it is your job to review Swimtopia to see when you and your family volunteers at swim meets. Each family is REQUIRED to volunteer a certain number of spots depending on how many children you have registered. It is your family’s responsibility to review your volunteer positions so that you are aware of them for the season. Our wonderful volunteer coordinators will be sending a reminder before each swim meet. If for some reason you are unable to attend your designated volunteer position, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and let both Leslie and Sherri know by the Sunday before the swim meet. Again, I wish it weren’t like this, but unfortunately, it’s a domino effect when it comes to volunteers, if 1-2 volunteers miss their shifts, it impacts everything else.
    • 5.VOLUNTEERS: For the night of the swim meet, please be on time to the swim meet for your designated shifts. Again, if you are running late, please let someone know. It creates a lot of disruption to not only the swimmers, but also causes the meet to be held up and last later into the night as well. I have listed the events that volunteers are required to do depending on your shift. Please pay attention to the event numbers being called out at the swim meets so that you can be at your designated prior to it beginning. It’s common courtesy to not only the visiting team/home team, but also fellow parent volunteers.
    • First Shift Volunteers – Required to volunteer for events 1-43 (Check-In AT LEAST 15 minutes before meet beginning)
    • Second Shift Volunteers – Required to volunteer for events 44-86 (Check-In at Event 40)

    Finally, if during the meet, you cannot stay for your entire designated volunteer shift, then it is your responsibility to find someone (that is not already volunteering for something else) to take over your duties. DO NOT leave early without ensuring someone has taken over your assignment, and that person fully understands what needs to be done.

    • 6.Bull Pen Parents: First off, thank you for taking on this not so easy job of keeping the kids together. If you are assigned to be a bull pen parent, I know there has been some confusion during relays. We will work on that to ensure that it is a little bit easier to navigate. Coaches have also requested that bull pen parents start lining kids up at least 4 events prior to their swim events and have them at their start lane 2 events before they swim so deck manager can cross them off. Especially during relay races this helps the kids not be panicked and will give us enough time to make any pool side switches if need be.
    • 7.Finally, if you are unsure of what your volunteer position entails, please visit Swimtopia, click on “Team” and scroll down to “Volunteer Positions.”

    Again, Ann Marie and I are so grateful for a great group of parents this season. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either one of us.

    Please be on the look-out for a follow-up email later this week regarding information on our next Home Meet against Georgetown.


    Julie and Ann Marie

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